Geology/Mining Service List.



  1. Any type of field survey point/line data (TS, Point Cloud scanned, digitized – in all possible file formats) cleaning and reduction.
  2. Terrain wireframe modeling.
  3. Underground workings wireframe modeling.
  4. Site master plan.


  1. Geological, survey and engineering data collection/interpretation and geological database creation in spreadsheets.
  2. 3D drillhole modeling.
  3. Ore body wireframing, from narrow veins to solid bodies.
  4. Geo-statistics.
  5. Variogram calculation and modeling.
  6. Block modeling.
  7. Grade estimation.
  8. Resource evaluation and reserves calculation.

Open-Pit Mining.

  1. NPV Scheduling.
  2. Pushback and schedule shell generation.
  3. Ore destinations and stockpile modeling.
  4. Long/short term mine planning.
  5. Final pit design.
  6. Quarterly/annual pit design based on shedule wireframes.

Underground Mining.

  1. Mineable Shape Optimizer (MSO).